Clarity about comparethecampervan

Gaining clarity with Dr Michael Gerhartz

The goal for is to build something bigger than myself that provides value for both buyers and builders of campervans.

Most useful training

It has taken study and trial and error to get to where we are. Two training opportunities have been most valuable. A Masters in Business Administration and a communication workshop.

The communication workshop run buy Michael Gerhartz came at just the right time. I was struggling. I had been working on the venture for what felt like a long time but I was lacking confidence about communicating my ideas clearly. 

Gaining clarity has removed these doubts in my mind and given me the confidence to drive forwards. 

For a commitment of time a little money, it proved to be highly valuable. Michael offers expert coaching as well as workshops. He also has a podcast with two-minute episodes, he truly walks his talk. 

If you’d like to read some more about the process and what I got from the course, you can find more here


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